Who we are?

“Leander Mobile Brake Repair” is a family-owned and operated brake repair company dedicated to helping people with their brake needs. We’ve been serving Leander and the surrounding area for more than 12 years.

We know that besides being dangerous it’s also very inconvenient having to experience brake problems. It can be frustrating having to wait long hours in a physical shop to get your brakes checked and repaired. We started this business to try to facilitate the brake repair process and resolve the waiting factor for residents of Leander. 

Why waiting in an auto shop when you can be watching TV on your sofa or advancing your projects at work. That’s what we want to do for our customers; provide a tailor-made experience and bring peace of mind knowing that experts took care of their brake repair needs.

Mission Statement

– We exist to provide all customers with a fast, affordable quality brake repair service

– To ensure customer satisfaction

– To ensure customer safety

– To remove all the hassle that comes with the typical brake repair service

One of the ways we accomplish our mission statement day after day is by improving our customer service and staying up to date on brake repair tools, brands, parts, and techniques that are current in today’s market.

When you need us, we’ll be there to replace your brakes!

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We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Working With Us

– You will have a certified brake repair technician at your own location when you need him the most.

– You won’t have to wait long hours or even days to get your car back

– You won’t have to ask anybody to take you to the shop and bring you back

– You won’t have to pay extra for markup parts that brake shops usually charge

– You will enjoy our customer service representatives. They treat our customers like family.

Our Values

– One of the main characteristics we possess as a company is honesty. If for any reason we feel you don’t need to replace or repair your brakes, we won’t try to convince you to hire us. We really value honesty.

– We will ask you all the questions we need to have enough information to advise you on the brake parts you need, how long it will take to complete the project, and the total price it will cost you. That way you won’t have any unexpected charges or inconveniences.

– Stellar customer service. As mentioned before, we love our customers, and we treat them like if they were family. We understand that satisfied customers result in more customers.

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