I needed to replace my brakes. They were making a grinding noise. I saw an ad on Facebook about Leander Mobile Brake Repair. I gave them a call and they came to solve my problems. I was with technician Matt. He was very professional and courteous. I recommend Leander Mobile Brake Repair.

Sam Feigo

Great customer service.  Peter replaced the front rotors. He was very fast and professional! I will use them again.


I can’t believe it. This service is awesome! I hate waiting inside a shop for my car to be fixed. The guys from Leander mobile brake repair came to my house and fixed my brakes while I was feeding my kids. I love it! I highly recommend them!


I like their service. They weren’t trying to upsell me anything. They were quick. I’m impressed with their mobile service.


I will never go back to a brake repair shop. They came to my work and fix my brakes. Very good service. I will use their service again.


I took my car to a local repair shop, and they told me I needed to replace all pads and rotors. They were going to charge me $1100. Jeff with Leander Mobile Brake Repair was a blessing. He took a look at my brakes and turns out I only needed the front pads replaced. I will definitely use them again!


Prompt service, excellent technician. This was a great experience. I didn’t sit around in a waiting room for hours. The price was affordable. I recommend them.¬†


Great experience! These guys know what they’re doing. They asked me some questions via text. They came with the right brake parts my car needed. They worked around my schedule. Paul was very professional and knowledgeable. The best of all is I didn’t have to leave my house. I will hire them again!


Excellent service. Jonah finished with his previous client a few minutes earlier so he called to let me know he was going to arrive at my house earlier. He got my brakes replaced in less than an hour. How crazy is that! I definitely recommend this service.


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